Innovative Solution: Everyone Can Win®


ManagInc’s Everyone Can Win® Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) planning platform helps companies create masterpieces in the marketplace – to maximize success in up markets and have the foundation to weather the storms during challenging times. 

Our platform and consultative support help clients evaluate and fine-tune plans to maximize employee engagement and retention, resident satisfaction and retention, supplier performance, online reputation, and the critical need to be viewed as a responsible member of society.  Clients can earn the ability to promote themselves as an Everyone Can Win® Socially Responsible Management Company via our award program. Proactively addressed, CSR is the canvas long-term sustainability can be painted on.

Company performance and social responsibility are not mutually exclusive...CSR Is the foundation for long-term sustained performance!

The Platform

The Everyone Can Win® Audit, Planning and Award Program



  • Easily managed online platform for creating, managing and enhancing resident retention, employee engagement / retention / recruitment, reputation management and CSR plans

-    Employees / The Workplace
-    Residents / The Living Experience
-    Society / The Greater Good

  • Applications include:
    • 180+ topic detailed audit of ideal plan components; identifies opportunities

    • Action planning and project management

    • Pre, post and on-going support materials and best practice tools

    • Article and research library

    • ManagInc CSR Index

    • Summary reporting

    • Internal communications

  • Deliverables include:

Increase and Promote Your Caring Footprint!

Everyone Can WIN® Awards


Supplemental Services

  • Performance coaching, action planning and consulting support
  • Seminars, webinars
  • eBooks