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CSR Building Blocks

One of the questions we hear most often is, "Where do we even start with Corporate Social Responsibility?" In our next 3-part webinar series of CSR Voice, Jen Piccotti will be defining the basic building blocks for developing your own corporate social responsibility strategy. Some steps are quick and easy, others require more thought, planning and buy-in to make them impactful.  Join us for these complimentary, 30-minute webinars that will help you take the next steps to being a socially responsible property management company. 

NEW SERIES: CSR Building Blocks

September 14 - CSR 101 - The Basics of a Socially Responsible Management Company

79% of consumers (including your residents, employees and investors) expect companies to continue improving their CSR efforts. But what if you’re starting at square one? In this session you’ll learn the basic road map for planning and beginning your CSR journey, including the 3 Pillars of Corporate Social Responsibility, who to include in the initial planning, and data on the ROI of committing to socially responsible practices. REGISTER.

October 12 - It's Not Easy Being Green - and Other CSR Myths

As more and more apartment communities embrace sustainable practices, the ability to identify, maintain and improve CSR is becoming a necessity, not a luxury. In this session, learn the true ROI of implementing socially responsible strategies. We'll debunk several myths around the high cost of CSR commitments. You’ll be surprised at the reality of improving the triple bottom line: People, Planet, and Profit.


November 9 - Thanks for Giving - Multifamily's Guide to Philanthropy and Volunteerism

As the holiday season approaches, residents and employees alike are embracing the spirit of giving. Food, clothing, and toy drives are the usual routes to participation, and while these can make a significant impact, there’s nothing that makes a bigger difference to charitable organizations than time,  dollars and cents. In this session, learn how to create safe and easy opportunities for your communities to volunteer and financially support your charities and organizations-of-choice in a way that makes sense within the parameters of your business. REGISTER.

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