Volunteerism Can Save the World (And Your Bottom Line)


I was so excited to see that my kids’ elementary school has started a Community Service club this year, and it struck me that this interest in giving back is really gaining momentum in every aspect of our culture. Everywhere you go, every website you log into, there is some opportunity to make a difference or make a pledge or support a cause.

This year, I’ve had a front row seat is seeing and hearing what property management companies are doing to provide opportunities for their employees and residents to participate in making the world a better place. Whether through food drives, school supply drives or blood drives, Habitat for Humanity builds or delivering meals to seniors, I am in awe of what this amazing industry provides personally and professionally to show that #MultifamilyCares.

By placing a focus on company volunteerism and philanthropy, you’re not only winning points with local charities and causes, you’re winning pride and loyalty from your employees and residents (which reduces costly turnover!). More and more, people want to be associated with other people and organizations who do good things, so here are some basic strategies for building a strong commitment to Giving Back.

1.       Ask Employees and Residents What Causes They Care About – You will be pleasantly surprised at the trends that emerge. By understanding where interests lie, the company can choose to participate in causes that will resonate and encourage participation from both employees, residents, and their friends and families.

2.       Promote Opportunities to Participate -  Spread the word. Let your employees, residents and suppliers know about any volunteer projects you’re supporting. It creates an environment for people to create memories together, to do something that benefits others, and gives them something to brag about.

3.       Give Team Members Time – One of the hottest employment benefits is time off for volunteering. In addition to regular PTO, more and more companies are offering anything from 8 to 40 hours per year to employees to participate in the cause work of their choosing. Showing support for their passions and interests pays off in the community and in their loyalty to your company.

ManagInc’s CSR Score service incorporates, among other things, perception studies that find out what causes, resources and benefits your employees, suppliers, residents and clients care about. Contact us to find out how more about this quick, easy and cost-effective program that will boost employee and resident engagement and retention, your reputation and, ultimately, your bottom line.