Danette Kammeyer

A House Is Made of Bricks And Stones...

Last week, I received an email from a property manager who had attended the NAA Encore presentation webinar of "(Why) Won't You Be My Neighbor: Finding the Cure for Community." She wanted to share with the panel a piece she had written that tied in to the topic we were presenting regarding the importance of community.  It is with her permission that I share her words, because it is such a beautiful reminder of the individuals and teams that prove each and every day that #MultifamilyCares. Thank you to Danette Kammeyer, who (in her words) has "the privilege of managing Terrace Ridge Apartments. Terrace is a senior 55 & better, Section 42 apartment building in Angola, Indiana."

“A house is made of bricks and stones, but a home is made of love alone.”

That little sign hung in my kitchen as I was growing up and as a young girl having to sit at the table and being made to finish those dreaded peas, I would read that sign over and over. Not appreciating what its simple phrase was conveying. But through the years of homeownership and just life in general I’ve come to not only appreciate, but understand that simple saying.  And now that I have the “job” of managing Terrace Ridge Apartments, I not only understand, but now believe in that little sign that a “home” is made of love alone.

Managing Terrace Ridge is truly a privilege. Assisting seniors 55 and better in finding a new home is a joy beyond measure. Many are coming from a house steeped with love and memories. Where they have marked the passing of time with all the joys and sorrows of raising their children, where family and friends had gathered for countless meals around the kitchen table. And possibly where the one true love of their life, struggled and lost their life. And if blessed, their Grandchildren have come to visit or stay for sleepovers with their favorite grandparent creating memory upon memory.  So they come to Terrace Ridge sometimes with reservation of leaving all of that behind, sometimes they come excited for the next chapter in their lives, but what they find when they do arrive is a “home” waiting to be filled with their love.

Terrace Ridge is full of some amazing residents that call this place “home”. The residents have taken that simple saying and brought it to life. At Terrace lives a group of dedicated gardeners that have created a beautiful oasis in their own backyard. They have shown that they don’t need to have home ownership to have “ownership” over their home. They work countless hours, designing, planning and planting to bring  about a garden that would make master gardeners green with envy. We have a group of card players that gather around the table much like they did in the past with family and friends to laugh their way through the night. We also have a large gathering of residents each month that share a meal and tell countless stories of the past, stories of their family and friends of life’s ups and downs.  In addition, when one of the residents isn’t feeling well, we have our very own team of caregivers that take it upon themselves to come along side and make a meal, clean a room, say a prayer, encourage them to call the doctors, and at times call 911!

Through all the planting, playing, sharing and caring a common bond is found. When a common bond is found a community is formed. And with that community, family is created and love abounds. Terrace Ridge is more than just an apartment building built with bricks and stones. It is more than just a residence that houses seniors 55 and better. It has become a safe haven to seniors that have created and poured love into the very foundation of this place. We have become families that live life together in a 4 story home filled with love alone.



Danette Kammeyer ~ Community Manager, Terrace Ridge Apartments