Announcing the Release of the ManagInc 2018 Multifamily CSR Benchmark Study

Benchmark Study Cover.PNG

I'm happy to announce the release of ManagInc's 2018 Multifamily CSR Benchmark Study! With over 1.6 million units represented, this is the most comprehensive study of its kind. You are welcome to download this complimentary white paper that focuses on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) practices within the multifamily industry.

You'll find data on programs aimed to address the needs of all stakeholders, including: employees, suppliers, residents and the communities they operate within. In addition, learn the current perceptions about the importance of CSR and its impact on company performance. With many lending/capital partners now requiring that management companies implement and report on CSR practices, this study is a must-read.

What You’ll Find in the 2018 Multifamily CSR Benchmark Study:

  • The Top 10 Volunteer Opportunities Supported by Multifamily
  • The Hottest In-Demand Employee Benefits
  • The Most and Least Common Green Initiatives
  • The Side of Reputation Management Most Companies Are Missing
  • Percent of Companies That Publish Annual CSR Reports
  • And Much More!

Download The 2018 Multifamily CSR Benchmark Study HERE