Announcing the Launch of Multifamily’s First CSR Score™

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Whether you attended the 2017 NAA Education Conference and Exposition, the Apartment Internet Marketing (AIM) Conference, or any property management conference this year, you’ve been hearing about the rise of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).And just last week NAA’s Board of Directors approved creating a CSR Committee. CSR is a focus on the needs of the stakeholders who make your success possible: employees, suppliers, residents, and the communities you do business within. We call this focus Everyone Can Win®.

Given the critical importance of this focus to the apartment industry, ManagInc is excited to announce the launch of CSR Score. CSR Score is an affordably-priced rating and ranking program that evaluates the company’s commitment to CSR via an internal program evaluation and perception studies conducted with all of your company’s stakeholders. Each client’s CSR Report includes an assessment of company strengths; in addition, it identifies opportunities to improve employee engagement and retention, supplier loyalty, resident satisfaction and retention, online reputation, the recruitment of new employees and residents, and bottom line performance. Both CSR Score and the more comprehensive Everyone Can Win® Platform service provide the foundation to help clients formalize a CSR strategy.

Clients can proudly display their CSR Score badge to promote their company’s commitment to CSR.  Plus, the ranking and our benchmarks permit for a direct comparison to your peers.

CSR is not a fad. It is the next generation of reputation management, as it significantly impacts purchasing and employment decisions, especially by Millennials (the largest segment of the U.S. labor force and consumers).

According to the 2017 Multifamily CSR Benchmark Study (representing 1.5 million apartment units):

·       80% agree that CSR matters to residents, especially Millennials

·       89% agree that CSR is important to employees, especially Millennials

·       90% agree CSR impacts employee retention, resident retention and company performance.

What are your employees’ perceptions of your company? How do your suppliers feel about working with your company? What are your residents’ perceptions of you? What programs and initiatives does your company have in place to contribute toward the greater good?

What’s your CSR Score?

Contact us to learn how to leverage your company’s commitment to CSR. 

Learn more about the current state of CSR practices in the industry by downloading the 2017 CSR Multifamily Benchmark Study.