Announcing the Release of the 2017 CSR Multifamily Benchmark Study

ManagInc is pleased to announce the release of our first-of-its-kind 2017 Multifamily CSR Benchmark Report. “Corporate Social Responsibility” (CSR) has become critically important to all businesses, leading Forbes to state it “has surged passed its tipping point…with the majority of stakeholders agreeing that CSR is a ‘must do’.” In fact, CSR is quickly becoming the next frontier in reputation management, especially for the multifamily industry. Please download our complimentary report HERE. In addition, here are some education opportunities on the topic of CSR that will be taking place at NAA this week:

Wednesday, June 21, 1:45 pm

Finding the Cure for Community: (Why) Won’t You Be My Neighbor.

New scientific research reaffirms how deeply our relationships and ties to community are vital to our health and stability. With "neighbors" now cited as the No. 2 reason a resident opts not to renew their lease, what can you do to cultivate real "neighborhoods" in your communities that will improve both your financials and the lives of your residents? (WED-A02) Room: B407

Panelists: Kiley Haught, of Apartment Life, Beth Tuttle of LMC, Rick Graf of Pinnacle, and Jen Piccotti, ManagInc.

Friday, June 23, 9 am

CEO’s on CSR

Two of the core issues for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) today focus on homelessness and hunger in America. In 2015, more than 575,000 people experienced homelessness, and sadly, the number of people suffering from lack of food is much, much larger. For example, twenty-one million children in the U.S. alone receive free or reduced-price lunch. Gain a practical execution strategy from authentic, transparent CEOs to take back to your community to create sustainable public-private partnerships. (FRI-A03) Room: B401/402

Panelists: Debbie Phillips, The Quadrillion, Rick Graf, Pinnacle, Mitch Harrison, First Communities, Chuck V. Sheldon, T and C Management.

If you're ready to be on the cutting edge of the multifamily, contact Joe Summers at What's your CSR Score?