Google: To Be 100% Green in 2017

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Leaders lead.  Google, already the largest purchaser of renewable energy, announced that they will be a 100 percent renewable energy user by the end of 2017.  Talk about a commitment to sustainability and being socially responsible!  The even greater news is that they are not alone.  More and more major corporations are now committed to the belief in their moral responsibility to become fully green – and positively impact not only the environment, but also employee health and more.  These forward-thinking leaders do what they think is the right thing to do – they are willing to take steps that might be quite different from the “norm.”

These leaders recognize that performance and social responsibility are not mutually exclusive.  And they live the concept of Everyone Can Win® – by doing things like actively trying to help Planet Earth and the world our children will inherit.  Of course these leaders “win” as well, thanks to the positive impact their commitment has on employee and customer perceptions, recruitment and retention – all of which have enormous bottom line implications.

Nobody loses when everyone wins.  #csrmatters #csrtalk @RockyMtnInst

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