Setting 2017 CSR Goals

setting CSR goals

Kendra Ott with the Taproot Foundation wrote an interesting, well-positioned piece on the need to create an annual CSR plan.  In particular, the following passage aptly explained why every company, regardless of size, should participate in CSR: “CSR isn’t only for the Fortune 500 companies with a big staff and a bigger budget. Every company, regardless of size, can, and should, be a good corporate citizen. More and more companies are focused on creating organizations that are people and planet friendly. This shift may be in response to workforce demand for more socially conscious companies, consumer demand for more reputable business practices, or simply the increasing breakdown between the traditional for-profit and for-good structure.”  She then details the key steps to creating a CSR plan: evaluating what you are doing; comparing it to what the norms are becoming; getting leadership buy-in; creating and managing the plan; identify resources available to help you.  The steps are very applicable to apartment owner/operators that haven’t yet started on their CSR programs. With many larger companies putting CSR near the top of their priority list in 2017, now is definitely time for smaller players to get into the action.

It was exciting to see her validating the concept behind our Everyone Can Win® CSR planning platform.

Nobody loses when everyone wins.  #csrmatters

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