Employee Benefits: What Each Generation Wants



An October 25, 2016 blog by Glassdoor.com provides a good overview on benefit packages and what different generations prefer.  For those who are not familiar, Glassdoor is a site for employees to review their company, CEO, salary, benefits and more; in addition, it also now is a job / recruiting site.

As the blog shows, while 60% of employees reported that benefits play a role when considering a job offer, 85% reported their benefits package did not meet their needs.  The blog then discusses the impact of the workplace on associates from up to five different generations – each one with its own priorities.  A one-size-fits-all benefits package in this environment can create challenges.

In our view, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) includes three “pillars”: employee engagement and the workplace; resident satisfaction and the living experience; and, giving back to society.  Therefore, making sure benefits packages satisfy employees is an important component of being “socially responsible.”