Why Thanksgiving Day Store Openings Are Bad Business

A fascinating article entitled, “Why Thanksgiving Day Store Openings Are Bad Business” (embed link, set to open as a separate window; http://business-ethics.com/2014/11/25/1217-why-thanksgiving-day-store-openings-are-bad-business/), addresses the challenge of desiring to maximize profits yet also be able to rightly claim being a socially responsible company.  The author shares the conflict is exemplified when companies promoting themselves as being responsible chooses to make employees in non-essential jobs (a retail store vs. a hospital) work on Thanksgiving. 

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is justifiably receiving more attention.  The typical perception is that CSR is philanthropy and community service.  While both are extremely important, there is a great deal more involved with CSR.  We believe there are three “pillars” of CSR.  One is giving back to society – donations and volunteering are two of four components.  The other two pillars relate to the workplace and the resident living experience.  This article helped to shows there is more to CSR than some currently recognize.