We Practice What We Preach

Our Mission: We want Corporate Social Responsibility to be a passionately supported ingredient in a client's mission.  A client's commitment to an Everyone Can Win™ philosophy leads to all constituencies being well taken care of (customers, employees, society).  ManagInc’s comprehensive audit program, direction, and support will help companies evaluate and enhance efforts targeted to meeting the needs of its customers, employees and society as a whole.  A company’s commitment is validated when audit scores exceed ManagInc award thresholds.  Award winning audit scores mean everyone is “winning.”  Therefore, award winners can legitimately and proudly proclaim being accredited as a socially responsible company.  This means ManagInc's goal of helping clients maximize customer and employee recruitment and retention is being met - and it closes the loop regarding Everyone Can Win™ circle.

ManagInc Corporate Social Responsibility Program: We practice what we preach when it comes to Corporate Social Responsibility.  The company will donate 1% of profits each year to charities deemed meaningful to society’s less fortunate.  In addition, team members are given the flexibility to dedicate as needed personal time to support causes that are important to them; the company encourages volunteering and supporting causes that are important to them.