The Big Picture and Ability to Deliver Results

Successfully running and growing a successful business is driven by the team, the work environment, the leadership, the products/services, the clients, service providers, plus a foundation in ethical behavior – all leading to top and bottom line revenue growth due to the impact win-wins have on performance.

One grows a business by focusing on excellence and what behaviors drive performance – rather than focusing on spreadsheets and numbers.  There are all too many examples of companies beginning a journey towards narrow-minded decision making, reduced engagement and mediocrity when the primary focus becomes on spreadsheets, analyses and financial statements.  Metrics absolutely have value to support decision-making, however the more attention one pays to numbers, the less attention is given to the fundamentals of what drives business performance - and that's the people and business itself.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is becoming an even more important issue due to the impact of the Internet and major demographic changes.  On the latter, Millennials are clearly impacting the landscape due to being the largest segment of the U.S. labor force, representing a significant percentage of renters, and because perceptions of social responsibility play a key role in purchasing and employment decisions.

Rather than being behind the curve and suffering long term competitive consequences of changes in the market landscape, ManagInc provides the canvas, paint and brushes to help clients create and sustain masterpieces.

One can have great confidence working with ManagInc due to its leadership, experience, focus, industry thought-leadership, innovative approach, ability to help clients leverage program results, and track record as real estate operators and service providers.  The Art of Managing for Success unveils the pathway to enhanced, sustained and well-rounded performance in good and bad market conditions.  This comes with insights and guidance on the behaviors that create consummate win-wins and drive performance.

ManagInc's founder and president is Doug Miller, who has over 30 years of experience in multifamily.  Prior to creating his first business in 1996, a marketing consulting firm supporting the multifamily industry, starting in 1980’s Doug was an advertising account executive handling a major regional property management account.  Following that, in the late 1980’s he was Director of Marketing for several National Multi-Housing Council Top 50 and regional property management firms.  In 2000 he created and ran SatisFacts Research, multifamily’s largest resident and employee feedback, retention and reputation management service provider.  After selling SatisFacts in 2012, Doug continued as president until leaving the company at the end of 2015.  His vision, passion, entrepreneurial spirit, supportive managerial style, and focus on what matters most (the people, products and clients - “the art of managing for success”) have been the foundation of every business he has touched.