Performance and being socially responsible are not mutually exclusive.  Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) simply means to focus on the needs of stakeholders who make your success possible: employees, suppliers, residents / clients, and the communities you do business within.   Demands for transparency, accountability and a caring footprint, combined with the impact on results, led Forbes to state "CSR has surged passed its tipping point…with the majority of stakeholders agreeing that CSR is a ‘must do’.”  We help clients uncover opportunities to more effectively address the needs of all stakeholders.  When you take care of your stakeholders, they’ll take care of your company.  Everyone Can Win®.

ManagInc helps clients convert CSR’s best practices into improved performance.  Everyone wins when stakeholder needs are priorities.  The company's "win" is due to the financial impact of reduced employee and resident / client turnover, and an improved reputation - as well as the positive impact perceptions of being a good corporate citizen has on the recruitment of new Millennial employees and residents.

ManagInc’s services include CSR Score, Employee Retention and Engagement Program, plus CSR Cause Choice.  CSR Score is a rating, ranking and guidance service that identifies opportunities to improve employee engagement and retention, supplier loyalty, resident / client satisfaction and retention, plus how to give back in a more meaningful way to the communities the company does business within.  Our Employee Retention and Engagement Program helps clients understand and meet the needs of their employees, to enhance an effective employee engagement, recruitment and retention.  CSR Cause Choice evaluates employee and resident preferences regarding community service and charitable giving, so as to increase participation and boost engagement.

Promoting a CSR Score displays a client’s Everyone Can Win® commitment, and leveraging badges (on your company website, property portals, ILS ads, plus Glassdoor and Indeed company pages) can help to generate more interested and motivated potential new employees and residents.

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